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Amicure® 101

Amicure® 101 curing agent for epoxy resins is a proprietary, non-MDA aromatic amine. It offers excellent pot life, short gel time at 300°F and it yields high heat distortion temperatures in the finished product. In addition, Amicure® 101 curing agent is nonstaining and yields a low formulated viscosity at room temperature.
A comparison of Amicure® 101 curing agent to other typical epoxy curing agents is shown in the adjacent table and in the performance data.
Amicure® 101 curing agent provides several key advantages in fiber reinforced composites, electrical/electronic encapsulation, tooling, casting, molding, adhesives and coatings. It can be used as a multipurpose, low-viscosity liquid hardener in applications where good handling characteristics, moderate exotherms, hightemperature performance and good chemical resistance are important.

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