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Amicure® IC-321

Amicure® IC-321 is an amine curing agent specifically designed for polyisocyanate resins. Preferred resins of choice are standard and low viscosity HDI trimer isocyanates for a range of industrial applications. Amicure® IC-321 curing agent is designed to provide long working pot life and high flexibility. Clear and pigmented topcoats based on Amicure IC-321 curing agent support high aesthetics, UV stability and rapid property development for fast return to service. The product is free of solvents, alkyl phenol derivatives and benzyl alcohol.
Coatings and floorings based on Amicure® IC-321 curing agent are recommended to be used in combination with an epoxy primer, especially under damp conditions. Working and drying times are accelerated under high humidity conditions.

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